Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 7

7days down 83 to go hahaha
Mmmmmm day 7 shingles easing up ....had beautiful day with the Lord .....went to veiw house only to find realestate had made a mistake and booked me in for today (Tuesday)
love the fact that before I can even begin to lose weight, i have to lose myself once again in God the healing that is happening to my soul that iam finaly taking my hands off the things I once had that no longer are, and learning daily to embrace the new .........

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  1. You are beautiful Deb. I love your heart. Forget the exercise for now. Just focus on healthy eating ie-cutting out additives, preservatives and getting back to basics. Eat lots of fruit & veges and give your by doing so give your body the best chance to heal naturally. All the while still believing that HE can and will heal you. xo