Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 20

this week i was  soaking in the SON

and i got a picture and it was the Lord holding out the most amazing colorful coat i have ever seen ......

he was holding it out as if he was wanting to place it on me but i just seemed too stare at it ,

it got me to think that so often we wont let him dress us in his coat of favor ,

we may not think were good enough

maybe we don't like the colour he offers us ,

or maybe we don't like to stand out ...

well girls this year am saying yes to the coat ...am not no longer gonna settle for drabs or second best
i am going to live out and see each and every dream in my heart fulfilled

as that coat holds so many things and i want them all ....
come on join me
just put your arms out and he will cloth you with it ....................

wow now the world will see us ,and want what we have ...........and guess what with this type of coat r bums cant look fat ,and it goes with everything

love you all debs xxx

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