Monday, April 18, 2011

He is the potter and we are the Clay

Today I remembered a powerful woman of God who use to pastor here on the Goldie, Jane Moncrieff prophesying over me many years ago, when my love for writing was a secret.
She said that I was going to write words from our Fathers heart, which would first prophesy to me than to others …
well I want to confirm that it is coming to pass,
In 2009  i went thru the darkest journey of my life ,The D word had caught up with me and was holding me hostage ,Yes i got a severe bout of depression  following my hubbys accident …..i would cry about nothing ,I would yell when no need ,and then ,one week end I just lost it ,I fell apart if only I had stopped trying to keep it all together …agggrrrhhh and here is me writing a book called Feminine yet Fearless © when really I wanted to call it being (feral and frightened )ha-ha
So I am really seeking God in helping me to use my experiences, raw and real and see women firstly in r churches set free, then in our communities ,enabling them to breathe but of course it starts with me agggrrhh don’t ya hate that !!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had been seeking God about the way i had been feeling when I got a picture of a beautiful vase, it was as if was watching a video.
 I looked at this vase and it was chipped it was being moved around a room and kept getting chipped and I saw a women running around with glue fixing all the chips ,the vase no longer looked attractive it had more cracks in it than a pavement, and it no longer looked like it was originally suppose to look

Then I saw  a man he picked up the vase and smashed it ….. he then lead the women to a chair and he started to make a new one …….it was even better than the previous one

I felt God say that that truly it is his desire for us …..He no longer wants us to cover up all the chips every time we get hurt or knocked about and hope no one sees, or can even tell . he want us to rid of the false attitude of ,as long as it looks Good that’s all that should matter........ Because eventually the cracks will show …..He wants us to be completely broken .so that he can make us new molding us to His way

Some of us treat our lives like great grandmas antique vase ,the thought of losing it to get a better one is the most absurd thing you’ve ever heard…… so at all cost you try to keep it together ,when it’s really falling apart

Girls I don’t know where you’re at …maybe it’s just me …..but I doubt it ……..
But I believe God calling us to a place of honesty before him and others,a place where there is nothing left , but Him ….a place where he is the only one to fill us …
Girls we have an amazing destiny …our promise land could be as close as our next breath …but we will never make it unless we smash our old ways, and become broken in the potter’s hands
Oouch its not painless but the results are breathtaking……………………..
Love you all debs xx

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Issues of the Heart

My challenge this week hasn’t only been limited to the past 7days, its been a while but the past 7days has taught me so much
“it wasn’t supposed to be like this” is a saying  if I am honest you can hear me crying out to God , Having a family member affected by a brain injury can cause many issues ,yet one thing I am learning is even though it can cause many unwanted issues that are out of our control ....the biggest thing is, its caused  me to look at my heart, to dig in to the crevice of my heart the minuscule areas were I thought no pain could possibly live ...the hallways of my heart  were my dreams seemed to stop ...the windows of my heart  were all my ideals escaped ....
( John 14:1
 “Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust also in me.)
 I hate to say it but it’s been far from pleasant it’s not a simple as handing it over quoting a a small number of scriptures and letting it Go ...when God gives you a heart transplant it’s a pretty tedious job  
He doesn’t just automatically come and say Today’s the day for your new heart
He waits in the natural the Dr doesn’t come to someone in need of a heart transplant and tell them ohhh i think ill give you a heart transplant?
What happens is the patient notices something is wrong they feel some pain, and then they go to the specialist
Its the same in the spirit Pain in our lives is an indicator something is wrong ....and only the specialist can fix it..The greatest heart surgeon of all times is Jesus Christ
When we go to him he gently guides us to the heart issue (Proverbs 15:13
A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit.)
He lovingly takes us in his arms and reassures us that HE is in control
Yet slowly but surely one section at a time he restores our hearts back to life .by breathing hope and strength love and encouragement
So if your reading this and you know there is a twinge of pain that don’t feel right ....don’t be embarrassed to tell the King ......he is waiting arms wide open’s to short to live with a heart that needs to be healed ..there is to much to be done
Bless you as you live a life of transparency and truth so that the Light and Love of God  can be seen brighter than ever before
Love Debs xx

Friday, February 4, 2011

Keep Going

I think i will have to change the name of this blog to a life time challenge the further i go on in this i realise oh my goodness ill never nail this in 90day ,ever felt that way ?
foe me the biggest challenge of the past few weeks is letting go and letting God when it comes to your teens a very painful thing but also knowing that they are Gods anyway and only he can protect /challenge /transform
I guess one of the hardest things is knowing that they have to know make their own choices good and bad, i just don't want them to make bad ones :(
I have also been challenged about standing strong in the call God has for me ....Some days i feel its all to hard and i would like to go to a tropical island and sip on pina coladas al day ......
 The scripture i have been mediating on is 2 Corinthians 4:5-13 and that as the message version says i am only the errand runner ....and iam going to run well
weight loss :::::: Mmmm well its happening just slower than i thought,realise i need to start adding running in to my walks again ..funny as iam not really in to exercise haha
I guess if i had one word to encourage you all with as i sight out it would be "Keep going,rest if need be,but be real and watch what God does"
love debs  xxxxx

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Its been a while since i have been here ..
The new year brings about so much stuff,
I have to say Iam looking forward to  almost being back to normal, love my morning lay in but need to get some routine happening ......
i have been thinking lately of the things i want to achieve this year and realised for the last 3 years almost i have been like a sleepy giant
Iam determined in my heart to put those things in to place and have started with some already one being my weight
1......i realise that losing weight for me was a bigger issue far more than any diet could help with
following my serious depression i had last year  i began to see that when we are in that place nothing can get us out except for the healing touch of God
so I am and have been allowing my self the freedom to just be me ...
love watching what our God does ,and feeling overwhelmed by the love his is pouring out up on me
2.......3years ago watching my son deal with the pain of his dad in hospital i began to write a little story about feeling different .....its for little boys to realise that who they are is good enough it was just an idea ..and yet last week i saw the illustrations completed ..a little more editing to go and Jessie will be done finish of the girls version of Jessie
and he list goes on and on
iam not prepared to let the enemy rob me no longer
i have determined that from this year forward i will put my hand to the plough ..and what ever my hand touches it will prosper

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 20

this week i was  soaking in the SON

and i got a picture and it was the Lord holding out the most amazing colorful coat i have ever seen ......

he was holding it out as if he was wanting to place it on me but i just seemed too stare at it ,

it got me to think that so often we wont let him dress us in his coat of favor ,

we may not think were good enough

maybe we don't like the colour he offers us ,

or maybe we don't like to stand out ...

well girls this year am saying yes to the coat not no longer gonna settle for drabs or second best
i am going to live out and see each and every dream in my heart fulfilled

as that coat holds so many things and i want them all ....
come on join me
just put your arms out and he will cloth you with it ....................

wow now the world will see us ,and want what we have ...........and guess what with this type of coat r bums cant look fat ,and it goes with everything

love you all debs xxx

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

day 15

Wow well were do i start ..............Today i was reminded by a song on the radio of my past ....cold chisel my baby and cheap wine ...haha my mind flooded back, to my not so well days, a tiny frame of 45kilos unable to do a day with out drugs i listened to the songs i started to cry ...not because of my past but because of my future ...because of HIS grace and Mercy ,he chose Matho and I for a time such as this ...2 broken desperate people ...and our God saw who we would and will become challenge is never to forget where i have come from NEVER  .......


Lets never forget that its but for Gods Grace Go I

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

day 14

Today i have learned so much more of how when God calls you he enables you to do all things
have been blown away by the generous people that surround us
Saw today that so many people have never ever experienced a touch of Gods extravagant favour
Saw once again the prophetic word that Nathan Mahler and Amanda Wells spoke over our church 3yrs ago about our leaders God has for us are those  from the community once again i saw it take root
truly blown away that our Gods WAYS are not ours .........and in that we can rest