Monday, April 18, 2011

He is the potter and we are the Clay

Today I remembered a powerful woman of God who use to pastor here on the Goldie, Jane Moncrieff prophesying over me many years ago, when my love for writing was a secret.
She said that I was going to write words from our Fathers heart, which would first prophesy to me than to others …
well I want to confirm that it is coming to pass,
In 2009  i went thru the darkest journey of my life ,The D word had caught up with me and was holding me hostage ,Yes i got a severe bout of depression  following my hubbys accident …..i would cry about nothing ,I would yell when no need ,and then ,one week end I just lost it ,I fell apart if only I had stopped trying to keep it all together …agggrrrhhh and here is me writing a book called Feminine yet Fearless © when really I wanted to call it being (feral and frightened )ha-ha
So I am really seeking God in helping me to use my experiences, raw and real and see women firstly in r churches set free, then in our communities ,enabling them to breathe but of course it starts with me agggrrhh don’t ya hate that !!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had been seeking God about the way i had been feeling when I got a picture of a beautiful vase, it was as if was watching a video.
 I looked at this vase and it was chipped it was being moved around a room and kept getting chipped and I saw a women running around with glue fixing all the chips ,the vase no longer looked attractive it had more cracks in it than a pavement, and it no longer looked like it was originally suppose to look

Then I saw  a man he picked up the vase and smashed it ….. he then lead the women to a chair and he started to make a new one …….it was even better than the previous one

I felt God say that that truly it is his desire for us …..He no longer wants us to cover up all the chips every time we get hurt or knocked about and hope no one sees, or can even tell . he want us to rid of the false attitude of ,as long as it looks Good that’s all that should matter........ Because eventually the cracks will show …..He wants us to be completely broken .so that he can make us new molding us to His way

Some of us treat our lives like great grandmas antique vase ,the thought of losing it to get a better one is the most absurd thing you’ve ever heard…… so at all cost you try to keep it together ,when it’s really falling apart

Girls I don’t know where you’re at …maybe it’s just me …..but I doubt it ……..
But I believe God calling us to a place of honesty before him and others,a place where there is nothing left , but Him ….a place where he is the only one to fill us …
Girls we have an amazing destiny …our promise land could be as close as our next breath …but we will never make it unless we smash our old ways, and become broken in the potter’s hands
Oouch its not painless but the results are breathtaking……………………..
Love you all debs xx

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