Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 20

this week i was  soaking in the SON

and i got a picture and it was the Lord holding out the most amazing colorful coat i have ever seen ......

he was holding it out as if he was wanting to place it on me but i just seemed too stare at it ,

it got me to think that so often we wont let him dress us in his coat of favor ,

we may not think were good enough

maybe we don't like the colour he offers us ,

or maybe we don't like to stand out ...

well girls this year am saying yes to the coat ...am not no longer gonna settle for drabs or second best
i am going to live out and see each and every dream in my heart fulfilled

as that coat holds so many things and i want them all ....
come on join me
just put your arms out and he will cloth you with it ....................

wow now the world will see us ,and want what we have ...........and guess what with this type of coat r bums cant look fat ,and it goes with everything

love you all debs xxx

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

day 15

Wow well were do i start ..............Today i was reminded by a song on the radio of my past ....cold chisel my baby and cheap wine ...haha my mind flooded back, to my not so well days, a tiny frame of 45kilos unable to do a day with out drugs ...as i listened to the songs i started to cry ...not because of my past but because of my future ...because of HIS grace and Mercy ,he chose Matho and I for a time such as this ...2 broken desperate people ...and our God saw who we would and will become .....my challenge is never to forget where i have come from NEVER  .......


Lets never forget that its but for Gods Grace Go I

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

day 14

Today i have learned so much more of how when God calls you he enables you to do all things
have been blown away by the generous people that surround us
Saw today that so many people have never ever experienced a touch of Gods extravagant favour
Saw once again the prophetic word that Nathan Mahler and Amanda Wells spoke over our church 3yrs ago about our leaders God has for us are those  from the community once again i saw it take root
truly blown away that our Gods WAYS are not ours .........and in that we can rest

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A womens guide to nakedness: Ok according to Australian statistics 1in 3 women ...

A womens guide to nakedness: Ok according to Australian statistics 1in 3 women ...: "Ok according to Australian statistics 1in 3 women have had an abortion ....that is every 3 women ...that means in our churches ...workplace ..."

Day 13

Iam loving How God is unravelling the things that i have tangled ...
unwillingly tangled,but tangled never the less ....
Often in times of despair, we can so long to have thing back to the way they once was...
 that we spin our selves in a rewind position and get all tangled up in the process
love the challenge of taking out the knots .................
Love my God
He is with me all the way

Saturday, December 18, 2010

day 12

 Well i have missed a few days of writing ....but not the challenge that's for sure ......
i think my deepest challenge the past few days has been resting in the arms of the king ....when i say rest i mean REST true arms up in the air surrendered rest
You see  usually i can find myself resting but with the occasional squirm......i guess that's why this challenge is so important as its been nearly 3 years since i have truly known that  type of rest ......
guess i have just felt safe hanging on to some sense of control
learning once more to place my life in his hands ....and lose control
simple to some, yet an area that feels so beautiful to be in once again
 .......urmmmmm hope the weight challenge goes as smoothly ha ha

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 8 .....

Well one thing i have found is i am always a day behind in writing ha ha
Day 8 wow feels like day 88 ha ha
Looked at a house yesterday once again it was not for us ...i praise God he gives me discernment as soon as i sat out side  just knew No !!
Agggrrhhhh iam i being to fussy ...iam i confused ???
What is the lesson ??
I think i should maybe change the title of this blog to a LIFETIME CHALLENGE
I learned today that some things baffle me more than others
i also learnt that all that glitters is not Gold
I conquered wanting a pkt of chips while i wrote last night
I also conquered my laundry
I realise that the journey laid before me is not always going to be easy ...but iam strapped in for the  whole duration ..not giving up

Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 7

7days down 83 to go hahaha
Mmmmmm day 7 shingles easing up ....had beautiful day with the Lord .....went to veiw house only to find realestate had made a mistake and booked me in for today (Tuesday)
love the fact that before I can even begin to lose weight, i have to lose myself once again in God ....love the healing that is happening to my soul ...love that iam finaly taking my hands off the things I once had that no longer are, and learning daily to embrace the new .........

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 6

Today i woke feeling weak in body soul and spirit ..it took every bit to get up get dressed and go to church to pray ......Today i learned a amazing lesson one i thought i knew ...one i have even preached on ..yet Today it hitme right in my heart ...when we are truly weak he is our strength no person book or confrence can fill that
Love that when we truly have no more to give, God steps in and says Good.... now step aside and recive ...and just pours showers of blessings up you ...i feel i have been soaked this morning in hes amazing comformation of favour

Day 5

Well today i woke with yet another bout of shingles ..inflamed glands and a huge headache...had so much to do, houses to see Dr to visit grocery's to buy ...and feeling quite teary after finding out on wed that the Dr's have declared medically speaking Shaun can no longer work ...and must go on disability ...my heart sand wondering when on eart will i let Go of what once was was and move forward ..so i decided to drive just drive and chat to God..as i did i looked in the mirror and noticed how bad my regrowth was looking ,yet in order to have it done beautiful i have to wait for the lady next week ...as i looked at my regrowth God so spoke to me and said "debs to answer your question its not until you are so stripped back that I can then work in and Thu you with this ...you can pretend your healed and over it, as that's just like buying a $2 hair dye and hoping for the best You have to be patient and give it time an TRUST that i know whats best "

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 3

Today i rememberd it was Day 3
I started good, but then due to it being my hubbys birthday
 butter chicken, taziki and naan bread kind of took me of track haha
The things you do for love
 I loved my word i read this morning,it said  Greater is HE that is in me than he that is in the world ........looking foward to what day 4 has in store

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 2

wow what can i say .....truth being i forgot it was day 2 haha
iam sure day 3 will be better xxx

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 1

Ok well here goes ...after a few weeks of  flat out procratination i have decided to get serious
being recently challanged by amazing women of God from generations sisterhood site ...i realised that  unless came out of the closet so to speak and put it out there to be held accountable for i figured nothing would change ..
I am doing this 90 day challange for no one else but me and ion doing so i know i will honour God my hubby and my gourgous kids ...i know  i will be a better friend,neigbour,pastor and i also know that i will step in to new realms of favour
so here goes ....i place myself on the slab for all to see ......i will put photos up so my progress can be seen by all and intend to be real and  honest about this 90 day journey
in saying that i really have nothing to report except to say i intend to walk tonight 20kilos is a lot of weight to lose ......but i know that it wont fall off by me doing nothing
i intend to complete tasks that i have started and yet to finish
I intend to allow myself to completly let go at all i have lost and see it as gaining so much more
Iam excited expectant yet a tad nervous .....but iam beliving that small steps eventually complete the journey
love you xx