Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 5

Well today i woke with yet another bout of shingles ..inflamed glands and a huge headache...had so much to do, houses to see Dr to visit grocery's to buy ...and feeling quite teary after finding out on wed that the Dr's have declared medically speaking Shaun can no longer work ...and must go on disability heart sand wondering when on eart will i let Go of what once was was and move forward i decided to drive just drive and chat to i did i looked in the mirror and noticed how bad my regrowth was looking ,yet in order to have it done beautiful i have to wait for the lady next week i looked at my regrowth God so spoke to me and said "debs to answer your question its not until you are so stripped back that I can then work in and Thu you with this can pretend your healed and over it, as that's just like buying a $2 hair dye and hoping for the best You have to be patient and give it time an TRUST that i know whats best "

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  1. Love this post Deb. I so relate to this having a thryroid condition called Hashimoto's Disease. Be kind to yourself and don't push yourself before your body is ready. xo