Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 1

Ok well here goes ...after a few weeks of  flat out procratination i have decided to get serious
being recently challanged by amazing women of God from generations sisterhood site ...i realised that  unless came out of the closet so to speak and put it out there to be held accountable for i figured nothing would change ..
I am doing this 90 day challange for no one else but me and ion doing so i know i will honour God my hubby and my gourgous kids ...i know  i will be a better friend,neigbour,pastor and i also know that i will step in to new realms of favour
so here goes ....i place myself on the slab for all to see ......i will put photos up so my progress can be seen by all and intend to be real and  honest about this 90 day journey
in saying that i really have nothing to report except to say i intend to walk tonight 20kilos is a lot of weight to lose ......but i know that it wont fall off by me doing nothing
i intend to complete tasks that i have started and yet to finish
I intend to allow myself to completly let go at all i have lost and see it as gaining so much more
Iam excited expectant yet a tad nervous .....but iam beliving that small steps eventually complete the journey
love you xx


  1. Heeeeyyyyyyy, Debs! I'm w/ you on this one sistah cuzzin frenn!! I have to lose almost EXACTLY that (mebbe a lil more, akkshley) PLEASE know I'm praying with you and for you and going wicha. THANK you for posting Day 2 (as I missed Day 1 and had to come over here to see what you were talkin' about!) 'cause I had determined in my head and heart on my way home from work, Well, I'm already in my sweatsuit, I may as well take my doggie for a walkies...and where am I right now??? Sittin' onna couch on FACEBOOK! rrghhh...HERE I GO! Right now! Love you, my Debs!!

  2. Great goals Deb! You can do it. Baby steps at first. You are amazing and you CAN do this. xo