Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Issues of the Heart

My challenge this week hasn’t only been limited to the past 7days, its been a while but the past 7days has taught me so much
“it wasn’t supposed to be like this” is a saying  if I am honest you can hear me crying out to God , Having a family member affected by a brain injury can cause many issues ,yet one thing I am learning is even though it can cause many unwanted issues that are out of our control ....the biggest thing is, its caused  me to look at my heart, to dig in to the crevice of my heart the minuscule areas were I thought no pain could possibly live ...the hallways of my heart  were my dreams seemed to stop ...the windows of my heart  were all my ideals escaped ....
( John 14:1
 “Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust also in me.)
 I hate to say it but it’s been far from pleasant it’s not a simple as handing it over quoting a a small number of scriptures and letting it Go ...when God gives you a heart transplant it’s a pretty tedious job  
He doesn’t just automatically come and say Today’s the day for your new heart
He waits in the natural the Dr doesn’t come to someone in need of a heart transplant and tell them ohhh i think ill give you a heart transplant?
What happens is the patient notices something is wrong they feel some pain, and then they go to the specialist
Its the same in the spirit Pain in our lives is an indicator something is wrong ....and only the specialist can fix it..The greatest heart surgeon of all times is Jesus Christ
When we go to him he gently guides us to the heart issue (Proverbs 15:13
A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit.)
He lovingly takes us in his arms and reassures us that HE is in control
Yet slowly but surely one section at a time he restores our hearts back to life .by breathing hope and strength love and encouragement
So if your reading this and you know there is a twinge of pain that don’t feel right ....don’t be embarrassed to tell the King ......he is waiting arms wide open’s to short to live with a heart that needs to be healed ..there is to much to be done
Bless you as you live a life of transparency and truth so that the Light and Love of God  can be seen brighter than ever before
Love Debs xx