Sunday, January 9, 2011

Its been a while since i have been here ..
The new year brings about so much stuff,
I have to say Iam looking forward to  almost being back to normal, love my morning lay in but need to get some routine happening ......
i have been thinking lately of the things i want to achieve this year and realised for the last 3 years almost i have been like a sleepy giant
Iam determined in my heart to put those things in to place and have started with some already one being my weight
1......i realise that losing weight for me was a bigger issue far more than any diet could help with
following my serious depression i had last year  i began to see that when we are in that place nothing can get us out except for the healing touch of God
so I am and have been allowing my self the freedom to just be me ...
love watching what our God does ,and feeling overwhelmed by the love his is pouring out up on me
2.......3years ago watching my son deal with the pain of his dad in hospital i began to write a little story about feeling different .....its for little boys to realise that who they are is good enough it was just an idea ..and yet last week i saw the illustrations completed ..a little more editing to go and Jessie will be done finish of the girls version of Jessie
and he list goes on and on
iam not prepared to let the enemy rob me no longer
i have determined that from this year forward i will put my hand to the plough ..and what ever my hand touches it will prosper